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How to make old iPhone run fast again?

How to make old iPhone run fast again? Background Scenario: If you are using an old iPhone, you will notice your iPhone is becoming slower after every upgrade.  Should you buy the new iPhone as you are two generations behind?  Of course, you can sell or trade in your old iPhone to buy the latest model.  A Hobson's choice?
Recently, Geekbench has done a comparison on iPhone 6S and found out that there is spikes in the current performance after OS upgrade which uncovers a can of worms. Apple's Reply You have fallen into the Apple's trap of upgrading.  Recently, Apple has acknowledged that old iPhones will hit a performance bump after upgrade to the latest OS. The running frequency is cut from 1400 MHz to 600 MHz resulting in a significant slowdown which can be felt instantly.
Apple claimed that the throttle, which started in 2016, is to limit random shutdown issues in order to offer the best experience to its users, especially at freezing temperature.  As the capacity of th…

BlueSG vs CarShare

BlueSG vs CarShare Since 12 Dec 2017, the first electric car rental has started business in Singapore and there is no need to pay for petrol anymore.  BlueSG has launched 80 cars and 30 charging stations all around Singapore with overwhelming responses of more than 2000 users.
BONUS: If you are a first time user of BlueSG, you may wish to click HERE for the unofficial user guide of BlueSG. HOW TO CHOOSE? So which provider should you choose? Let's compare the differences.
COLLECTION AND RETURN The unique part is the option to return the car in other location apart from the collection point.  The locations of the BlueSG seems more convenient as compared to other car share.  Conventionally, cars from CarShare are parked on the high storey and it waste time with longer distance just to drive up to the 5th or 6th floor of Multi Storey Car Park (MSCP).  BlueSG seems to be located at level 1 of MSCP or along the road.
ELECTRIC VS PETROL This is obvious as BlueSG needs no petrol to run it…

The myths of China mobile phones

The popularity of China Smartphones iPhone 8 and Samsung are taking a beating in China as China Smartphones are gaining a strong foothold in the China market. Many of these manufacturers are adopting Android as the OS for their smartphone with heavy investment into making smartphone more responsive, nice looking and most importantly, bringing values to the market.

Huawei is defining the 5G smartphones, Vivo is focusing on selfie, Xiaomi is packaging as a system provider, Oppo is capturing the hearts of overseas marketing with its fluid experiences, Gionee is positioning to capture the hearts of the businessmen and Meizu is penetrating the value segment.  Other companies like Lenovo, Coolpad, 360, ZTE are also fighting to gain a footage in the competitive market.  Smaller companies are also struggling to survive rolling out phones with features such as weatherproof, bezeless, high battery capacity, 6GB or 8GB ram and dual camera.

In the midst of the competition, there are "traps&…

How to choose your postpaid Singtel Combo Plan?

Singtel Postpaid Combo Plan Singtel Postpaid Combo Plan is the traditional and standard plan in every telco with a catchy 24 months plan to lock in customers. It is the prime and main plan offered by Singtel to attract customers since day 1 so it should be the first thing potential customers will see. Over the years, it is the cash cow of Singtel so it should offer the best plans to fight against competition. So are you getting the best deal if you are currently in this plan? What is the current Combo Plan?
This table is wordy and appears confusing. A better table can be found below.

From the table, it is obvious that the last 3 plans are for those who wanted unlimited minutes and sms.  Combo 12 plan is designed for frequent travellers who wanted to change phone every year (IMO, a silly act to choose flagship phones).  Combo 6 is targeting those who are simply frequent travellers while Combo 3 are those who are not fr…

Top 10 reasons why you should not buy flagship phone in Singapore

Why chasing after flagship phones? Many are chasing the latest iPhone X or Pixel 2 XL which will be launching soon in end 2017. The local telcos are also rushing to come out with phone plans using the old models to lock their loyal customers for another 1-2 years. Little do the customers know that this old business model is silly and no longer apply to this new world of technology.
Reason 1: Warranty of Phone is only 12 months but contract is 24 months The warranty of most of the phones are 12 months but the contract is 24 months.  This implies that the high-end phone has no warranty on the 13th month onwards.  Most of the electronic parts seldom break down in the first 12 months and that's why manufacturer are committed to service their phone within the first 12 months.  Why should you sign a 24-month contract to buy a 12-month warranty phone? Reason 2: Premium phone is sold at a premium during launch All phones are sold at the highest point to capture the trend setters who buy …

Features of a BAD smartphone

List of smartphones to avoid Chanced upon a few articles that warned that these phones should be avoided. The models and the respective reasons are:

Huawei P9: Leica certified lens but not made by Leica and premium pricedOppo R9: Simple look and feeliPhone SE: "Yellow screen" symptomsLG G5: Premium pricedHTC A9: Mid end chipset selling at premium priceMeizu Pro 6: No new features when compared to Pro 5Samsung S7: Price keeps dropping every weekSony Z5: Premium priced Let's explore further hoping to determine the real reasons behind those bad comments. Features and Capabilities Let's review the various specifications of the phones.

Brand ModelLaunch DateChipsetWeight (g)RAM (GB)Storage (GB)Battery (mAh)RMBRetail Price (US$)Huawei P9Apr-2016Kirin 95514433230003188480Oppo R9Mar-2016MT675514546428502799422iPhone SEMar-2016APL08981132161642<