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iMode vs GPRS

It is sad to know that only Japan enjoys overwhelming success over iMode. I find iMode is a steal compared to other GPRS services which are still over charging customers in a rip-off fashion. Indeed, if you are not careful, you can be charged at a premium for GPRS data download.

iMode penetration in Singapore is slow and diminishing. Even Starhub is considering to terminate the service due to its limited popularity. It is a regret this will happen.

I have been a user of iMode since the launch and a satisfied customer based on my high usage on data on my mobile. Below is a chart to determine what plan you should be getting depending on the MB you use per month.

(Click on the picture to zoom)

We can see that iMode is the most cost effective mode of GPRS in Singapore if your data usage is above 10MB. Else, you can free to choose other plan as shown in the picture.

Some advantages of iMode are:
1) Free imode email address;
2) Free "PUSH mail";
3) Most cost effective mode if usage exceeds 10MB/mth; and
4) Many WAP sites to surf while you are mobile (to be shared with you).

Disadvantages are:
1) Limited phone models;
2) No overseas roaming;
3) Limited applications for download due to support for banking transactions; and
4) Small phone screen size.

If you find any mistakes in my tabulation, please comment or drop me an email so I can make changes.

I hope you find this chart useful, if you are paying too much for your GPRS usage, do consider a change as loyalty points or perks will never justify for the money you pay monthly.


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